They have forgotten you?!

Dear Al,

I get a feeling, whenever I meet young marketers and start-up owners, that they don't seem to have an inkling of your ways of approaching marketing and branding. That means, they haven't read or seen your books either. That means, they haven't been exposed to your books by their advisors and mentors and well-wishers so far.

Regardless, let me try to get their attention somehow.

Until next post, Al, good bye!


Dear Start-up Owner,

His name is Al Ries. Here's Al's books for you to check.

Where do you start? I say, you start with any one. Each one is a gem and will give you good material to shape your thinking and sharpen your branding and marketing efforts.

I'd say, why not start with Focus.

The description of this gem of a book starts with a question:

What's the secret to a company's continued growth and prosperity?

Does that question ring in your ears?

Start reading then.



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