Why women want to pin really heavy earrings?

I will keep it short. There could be multiple reasons. I am highlighting the one that is directly related to aesthetics.

Bodies change shapes. Bodies become plump, fat, obese. The surface area of the skin increases. Garment sizes tend to be bigger. In proportion, visually, jewelry can’t stay small. Jewelry, especially earrings, also ought to be bigger. Bigger typically end up heavy in weight.

To put it another way, women whose bodies do not look in shape, try garments which are “tight fits” or “snug fits” so that they look slimmer to themselves. Similarly, big earrings would make the face look leaner or smaller compared to what the small earrings would make the face look. The proportions of an out-of-shape body look more acceptable because of big heavy earrings. Imagine!

Howsoever we try to promote light and lovely earrings, we may be fighting a losing battle. The ideas of proportion, dictated by the eyes can’t be challenged.

Can anything be done?

For quite a while, in these exact words, this thought has been ringing in my head:

First exercise, then earrings.

I see now how exercise and earrings are related.

But then you might say, even women who seem lean and fit tend to wear big heavy earrings. That’s true, have observed that too. Is it the idea of trying to match up wealth-wise with other women around? Is it that they want to look fitter, leaner, slimmer than they already are?

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