Jeans karo sofa mein use!

For years now, in my regular days, I've not been wearing jeans. That apart, I've had a hard time squeezing my legs into body-hugging 'slim' 'narrow' and 'skinny' fits, even if the fabric isn't denims. Even the 'comfort' fits fail in this weather. Way too crampy, creepy, touchy, stifling, suffocating for my liking. 

Those stretch fabrics with Lycra in them, no, no, no! They stretch but that's that. Not comfortable. I want my pants to keep some distance from my legs! You know what I am saying?

The roomier and airier styles I've got stitched are keeping me happy.

What about you? Have you felt inconvenient in your jeans, in the usual fits available in the market?

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