If the purpose is running...

Be careful of the shoes you buy.

Be careful of the upper part of the shoe. Check what is it made of. If it looks like this (I guess the upper is some kind of knit material), avoid.

The pair got torn at the big toe really soon after I bought it. I continued to wear them long after since I had spent a decent amount and I don't get appropriately sized shoes that easily.

While the pair above is from Nike, let me just show another one from Adidas.

To me the upper mesh looks quite similar to the one of Nike shown above. Be careful. It could just turn out to be an ugly buy.

Apparently Adidas calls it GLOWRUN REFLECTIVE SHOES. If you notice the description, as on the time of this write-up, it says nothing about the material of the upper. I fear it may tear quite soon, especially at the big toe, if you really use this for running.

Check the red-circled bit below. Says:

87 people have bought this item in the last 24 hours.

Mind you, I am not touching upon the issue of sizing in this post.

These shoe companies are taking the buyers for granted. We don't deserve such quality.

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