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Mississippi Earrings



Dainty triangular Mother of Pearl tops in 925 Silver
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Judging the Size of the Earrings You Like

Earrings are small objects. And they are not standardized in the sense that some other small objects are, for example coins, clips, sharpeners et al.

In case of small objects like earrings, while shopping online, getting a good ‘feel’ of the size helps make good decisions.

Sellers adopt different ways to help buyers get an idea of the dimensions of the earrings:

  1. Mention the size in millimeters or centimeters or inches
  2. Show the earrings along a virtual scale (scale as seen in an image)
  3. Show the earrings pinned on a model’s face (image or video)
  4. Show the earrings pinned to a dummy face (image or video)
  5. Show the earrings held in fingers or palms of the hand (image or video)
  6. Show the earrings alongside some other commonly found objects

And yet sometimes weird things happen.

For example, we’ve had instances where buyers found even small earrings (small based on popular perceptions and actual size in millimeters) to be big for their ears/face when they’ve received them in actual.

It turns out that ratio of face size to ear size isn’t standard among human beings. You may have often seen that big-looking faces have small ears or small-looking faces have big ears. Tall bodies have small-looking fingers, short bodies have long-looking fingers. Isn’t it? When there is such variation in human bodies, it does become difficult to gauge the size of what you are looking at. Isn’t it?

Now, earrings aren’t clicked or recorded in videos to show just the size; photos and videos are also shot to know the details, intricacies, fineness of craftsmanship et al. 

So what’s a good way to get a good feel of the size of the earrings?

Keep an actual scale, a 6-inch (or 15 cm or 150 mm) scale with you when sit down to shop for earrings. That’s right.

At Mississippi Earrings, we definitely mention the size in millimeters. For example, if we’ve mentioned 45 mm long, all you need to do is pick your scale and check how long is 45 mm on the scale. Our sense is, this will actually help you to visualize, in a much more convincing way than other ways, the size of earrings for your face and ears.